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Encouraging independence through a holistic education, in a caring environment.
Since 1968

Who We are

Kildare Pre-Primary school is an independent, co-educational diverse school situated in Newlands, Cape Town. We strive to stimulate young children towards independence through a holistic education, in a caring environment. 
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Child Development

School Programme

Our daily programme is rich in variety and carefully structured to nurture intellectual, physical, social and creative growth through exploration, activity and play.

Explore. Play. Learn

Kildare Nature Reserve

Situated on the banks of the Newlands stream which runs past the school, the Kildare Nature Reserve is the perfect space for your children to explore, play and learn. Children make use of this area for environmental activities, picnics, and storytelling.

love. care. respect

Kildare School Animals

We believe that the presence of the animals helps teach children respect for animals, for themselves, their peers, the environment and their community. Pupils, parents and staff all share the responsibility for caring for and feeding the free-roaming animals residing at Kildare.
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After school

Aftercare Facilities

An excellent Aftercare facility is available after school and begins in the playground where the children have an opportunity to meet and play with their friends.

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