Facilities & Features

Kildare Pre-Primary provides a secure and fun-filled environment with a wide range of facilities to help children learn through play. Children are encouraged to become active in our extensive garden, which offers well maintained climbing equipment, along with a variety of other fun features.

Climbing Equipment

Our climbing equipment is well maintained and provides a fun and interactive area for children to explore and keep active, while socialising with friends.

Kildare Animals

Kildare animals include 90+ year old tortoises, Mr Chips and Mrs Vinegar, along with a few other tortoises, chickens, ducks and rabbits. We believe the interaction with these free-roaming animals helps teach children respect towards animals. Teachers, parents and pupils all help take care of the animals, including feeding on weekends and school holidays.

Extensive Garden

Our extensive garden features a fantasy area, a fairy garden, a light and exploration table, and a sensopathic play area that helps children to explore, learn, and understand the world around them.

Kildare Nature Reserve

The Kildare Nature Reserve is a very special feature of our school, for which we have been awarded a Mayoral Greening Award and an M-Net Environment Award. It is situated on the banks of the Newlands stream which runs past the school. Children are taken down in small groups to do environmental activities have picnics and listen to stories. Each new child is given a certificate during the First Term proclaiming him a custodian of our Nature Reserve.

History of Kildare Nature reserve

The Kildare Nature Reserve was named after Ann MacRobert, who died in the Helderberg Air Disaster. Her niece and nephew came to Kildare school. Parents have played an enormous role in the development of Kildare Nature Reserve (since 1986), removing alien vegetation, planting indigenous plants, building bridges, a pathway system, bird feeding areas, a story nook, an indigenous forest, a fragrance walk, a texture walk, amongst others.

We need constant parent support to help maintain this unique facet of our School. If you feel you can contribute, please contact the school Secretary for more information.


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