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There are four classes with approximately 25 children in each class. Our daily programme is rich in variety and carefully structured to nurture intellectual, physical, social and creative growth through exploration, activity and play. Keep reading to learn more about our classes, daily programme, activities and school times.

Classes & Teachers

Teddy Class (younger group) – Mrs Heather Porter (Principal)
Bunny Class (younger group) – Ms Olwen Howard-Browne
Giraffe Class (older group) – Mrs Jean Tobin
Rhino Class (older group) – Mrs Laura Thain

Group Activities

Our group time consists of music, movement skills, games, perceptual and language development. We also have early morning outdoor gym each week, where the children are exposed to the variety of outdoor equipment. All the children also enjoy the expertise of a music instructor (Junior Jive) and playball coaches. These are incorporated on a weekly basis in our curriculum.

Baking & Exploring

Weekly visits to our Nature Reserve allow children explore nature, catch tadpoles and crabs, and listen to stories. Baking takes place every second week where the children delight in measuring and stirring to produce “yummy goodies” to eat. 

Creative Work

Our approach at Kildare is to nurture the creativity that is inherent in each child and for the child to work independently. We discourage the use of stencils or models but rather expose the child to a wide variety of art experiences. Children are encouraged to look, feel, experience and create. The process is more important than the end product.

Outdoor Play

Gross motor ability is a critical life skill. Motor skills are actions that involve the movement of muscles in the body. Kildare’s extensive garden area provides the children to run, play soccer, cricket, enjoy a bike track, as well as developing their balancing and large motor skills on the various exciting jungle gyms. The sandpit area is well designed and allows for outdoor play even on a rainy day. We believe children learn through play.

Additional Learning Experiences

We invite visitors to import their knowledge in a practical and exciting manner which include various discussions shown and demonstrations.

Shool Times

Younger Groups: 07h50 - 12h15

Older Groups: 07h50-12h30

Greeting, free play
Morning ring – news, theme discussions, perceptual development, school readiness programme, etc
Creative activity time indoors, then free play indoors or outdoors
Tidy up, wash routine, music/movement rings, snack time
Free play indoor/outdoor, river and nature activities
Tidy up, indoor play (educational games)
Story time
12h15 - 12h30
Home time (younger group home at 12h15 & older group home at 12h30)


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